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November 13, 2018

We take a moment to shine a spotlight on the women we admire, respect and champion - our mothers, sisters
and friends.

Intelligent, uncompromising.
Take a step into their world, we hope that you enjoy.


A dreamer who expects the unexpected, ELLERY WOMAN #002, model Maisie Dunlop practices what she preaches.

A vegan and environmentalist, Maisie upholds her values in style. Her natural beauty, off-beat wit and relaxed demeanour make her one of our all-time favourite people to work with on set.

She quotes growing a mullet as being at the top of her bucket list and tells us that her favourite thing to wear is her Father’s vintage, denim jacket.

She doesn’t stop at citing one woman as her favourite in history, stating respectfully that “each woman who has come before us and stood for equal rights built the society that we know today”.

Join us as we take a look into Maisie’s fast-paced New York city life, hear why the colour orange brings her joy and why she prefers her film camera more than her iphone.


If you could fly, where would you go right now?
I’d love to just pop over and take a look at the northern lights.

What have you learned most in your career?
Throughout my time working as a model I’ve come to appreciate art in many forms.
I’ve learnt to not overlook my role as a model and instead to be proud of my role in the creative collaboration.
I recently wrote down a line from a song called ‘puzzle pieces’ and it says ‘Your face is canvas. And your own body serves as your easel’. I feel that it really reflects what my job entails and reminds me of the art that I create with my body.

Your latest obsession?
Well my latest food obsession I have to say is sushi!! I only just discovered that I like sushi and now it’s hard to go even just a day without it.
I am also kind of obsessed with documenting special moments on film. I bought a film camera from the markets and I’ve really been loving how I can take a step back from my iphone camera and instead capture natural unfiltered moments of my friends and surroundings.

Your favourite city in the world?
My new home, New York, New York.
I feel like there’s always so many things to do and something new to explore.
It’s what I like to call an ‘inspirational nugget’ - a place of infinite inspiration (and infinite sushi bars).
I’ve discovered that some places in the world I can struggle to find my place, but in New York I feel so connected to every part - it already feels like home.

Your favorite colour?
I never really had a favorite colour growing up. I thought that having a favorite colour meant that you would have to dedicate all your purchases to it and paint your room that colour or something. But overtime I’ve discovered that having a favourite colour just means that it may resonate with you more than other colours do.
Orange to me is a reminder of self-love and harmony and I guess it also just adds a little more joy to my life.

The best film of all time?
Well, to be honest I’m actually not much of a film buff, but I am a sucker for anything by Nancy Meyers.
In each of the films that she has created her style is very present - watching them leaves me feeling so wholesome.
If her films were a meal I’d eat anything that she brought to the table.

"I look at the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and the empowerment that she instilled in so many women across the world."

Your favourite woman in history?
I don’t exactly look to honour just one woman because I believe that the building blocks of our society today could not have been built by just one woman.
I look at the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt and the empowerment that she instilled in so many women across the world, but I also equally respect the powerful women conquering other fields of life such as the impact Rosalind Franklin had whilst making pioneering discoveries in the scientific world.
Essentially what I’m trying to say is that each woman who has come before us and stood for equal rights and given women a voice helped build the society we know today and I want to honour each of their legacies.

Which art gallery would you live inside if you could own any?
I love the idea of living in the MOMA.
Modern art can speak such volumes about the time periods in which they were created as well as the artist’s view on the world.
I love that it has no rules, no boundaries so you can always go to the museum and expect the unexpected.

If you had to define your personality in an outfit, what would it be?
Recently I’ve loved wearing my dad’s vintage denim jacket from when he was my age (which was around 400bc I think).
Wearing his jacket makes me feel as though he’s always with me and transports me to a more confident state of mind. It is such a key piece in my wardrobe right now and it’s something that I feel I can always just throw on with any outfit. Then I’m good to go out and be a confident, boss bitch for the day.

Describe your favourite day?
The perfect day for me honestly doesn’t depend on the activity I’m doing but more so on the state of mind I do it in.
Whenever I can I try to fit some TLC in the form of hot yoga. The clarity of thought and mood that I have after a good session allows me to approach my day with open arms no matter what it holds.
If I had total free reign on a day though, it would definitely include a trip to a park, a tasty lunch, maybe hit up a museum with some friends and, my favorite activity, pet therapy with my doggos.

What are three things on your bucket list?
Ahh, let’s see, carrots, almond milk, tofu…
Oh wait, sorry… that’s my grocery list.
Here we go, “bucket list”:
1. Grow a mullet (that’s a work in progress)
2. Learn how to flip a skate board (to compliment my mullet)
3. Stay at one of those really cool airbnb’s, like a bubble house in the desert that gives you a ‘life on mars’ experience, a snow igloo, or one of those luxury tree houses<3<3!!
And bonus number 4. Grow a native garden so that indigenous bees and other fauna can have a place to thrive.

Your favourite thing in Australia?
The citrus tree in my Gran’s backyard.
The feeling that I get when I’m lying beneath it eating a freshly picked orange is one of the warmest feelings that I know. It is also my fondest memory.

Which environmental issue are you most passionate about?
I like to think of the environment around us as a system of cogs creating the world we live in. The thing about cogs is that when one stops working, it can disrupt the whole system. In order to maintain a healthy system, you must ensure each cog is in working order; nothing can be overlooked.
The environmental issues that we face today mimic this cog system and to tackle the major issues surrounding this topic, you must approach them knowing that they are all connected.
To me, it’s important that we do not overlook the most basic of actions, as these are often the most beneficial.
The major actions that I actively take part in and are always achievable no matter my schedule are veganism, cutting back on plastic and synthetic products and substituting cars for self-powered or public transport.
These are three major ways that I, and anyone for that matter, can make a difference for the better.

Who is your muse?
My ideas and thoughts are always driven by those who I am surrounded by and those who I surround myself with, but the inspiration I pull cannot be traced back to one single person, time or place.
I see my muse as being a concept of inspiration. A system of roots that all join to the one tree. All the art forms, stories and experiences I have encountered have influenced me in some way and I want to believe that I too can also have that effect on those around me.

Who is your favourite fictional character?

I feel like Arya Stark from the ‘A song of ice and fire’ books series.
She is one of the most memorable characters out of all the books I’ve read. The way she pushes the boundaries of societal norms when it comes to gender roles by dressing as a boy and insisting on taking sword lessons really strikes a chord with me and really I admire her boss attitude and fiery temper.

Your favourite summer record?
Harlem River, by Kevin Morby. Summer for me is about chill vibes and good beats and I think each track on this really fits the bill. I always come back to this album when I need to relax.

Your favourite planet?
Uranus. Purely name based of course ;)



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