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April 02, 2019

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Welcome to part four of the ELLERY WOMAN SERIES.
We take a moment to shine a spotlight on the women we admire, respect and champion - our mothers, sisters
and friends.

Intelligent, uncompromising.
Take a step into their world, we hope that you enjoy.

Ellery Woman #004: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley from ELLERY on Vimeo.



It’s easy to forget that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is just 31 years old. The British-born, LA-based supermodel has been an internationally recognised face for well over a decade, parlaying her charm, intelligence and authenticity into successful film roles and numerous design collaborations to boot.

Now, the new mother embarks on her next chapter as a beauty entrepreneur with her editorial platform Rose Inc., sharing the tried-and-tested products and in-the-know expertise she’s uncovered over some fifteen years in the makeup chair. We sat down with the long-time Ellery muse to talk balancing motherhood with a new business, living life with integrity, and the surprising film character she identifies with.




What inspired you to start Rose Inc.?
Really what inspired me was having come into work everyday for the past fifteen years and sitting in the makeup chair, and coming to the realisation that this was where all my favourite memories in my career have taken place. Over the years I’ve found that I get asked more and more questions that are related to beauty and wellbeing. People wanted that information from me, and when I shared it there was a real appetite for it.

I really started to think about how I could take that one step further and build something that had longevity. I thought, why not create a content platform online where I can talk about this and share information and learn from my readers and build, hopefully, what will be a community of beauty lovers like myself.

How has starting a new business been?
When I was pregnant, it became the perfect opportunity to take the time off from traveling so much, to build this team and put my head down. It was the best time to do it because I didn’t have much else going on. But then of course, once I had my baby and I came back to my day job, now having this new business, I’m like “what was I thinking? This is so intense!” I’ve now got three massive roles that I’ve got to deliver myself to passionately and fully. I think any new mother will tell you it’s the most insanely beautiful, wondrous moment of their life, but it’s a massive adjustment. So between starting the business, becoming a mother, and the pressure to get back to my long-term career...it’s definitely been overwhelming to say the least.

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What brings you the most satisfaction in your life?
Of course being a mother, there’s just nothing else that compares to the time spent with your child. That time when I’m with him is so beautiful, it’s so wholesome and so real and it’s just really, really raw in every way. And so fun! As a woman you wear many hats and it’s just figuring out how to juggle it all. But being a mother is so satisfying and so fulfilling, but so exhausting - it’s so full on! – so a lot of conflicting emotions do come up. But for me I feel like if I can continue to work and have that role as an independent woman to fulfil my creative needs, and then I have my relationship and my family life...it feels really rich and really full.

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You’re one of Ellery’s muses … do you have a muse?
I always associate a muse as someone that is attached to a designer or a director. But I would say I have girls that I look at and I think that they have incredible way about them. They possess something that goes beyond being stylish, and beyond being beautiful - they have this essence. For me I look at Kym and she is certainly that for me, I look at Diane Kruger, she does it for me every time, and Christine [Centenera]. I take a lot of inspiration from them in style, I think that they’re cool girls and that they hold themselves and do things from an authentic standpoint.

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If your life were a film, which one would it be?
That’s a really hard question. My favourite film is Gray Gardens but I don’t know if that reflects my life … a little bit though, probably! I think if it were a genre it would probably be comedy, because I’m always laughing and always having a good time. I would like it to be a dark comedy, not taking itself too seriously.

Actually, the first thing that came to me was a Woody Allen film but I was like, “I can’t be relating to that character because she’s HORRIBLE."

"Remember the film Blue Valentine? Michelle Williams’ character is so interesting, because she’s so flawed but also so excellent. Perhaps that’s how I see myself [laughs]."

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