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Renowned choreographer Bob Fosse’s dance works played muse for . E L L E R Y . Pre-Fall’16. This has resulted in a collection that is both flamboyant and sophisticated. Fosse was a visionary and highly provocative with his choreography style. His theatrical dance approach in the early 1970’s heavily influenced the collection through performance imagery as well as the actual movements of the dancers.

Silhouettes are both bold and structured, whilst at the same time fluid and feminine. Soft silk pussy bows juncture with stiff Japanese drill, punctuated with topstitching and glossy metal eyelets. The individual pieces nod to the 1970’s with a uniquely modern riff. Fabric choices harmoniously clash; traditional suiting and British silk houndstooth meeting foam jersey, Japanese cupro and Swiss lurex net.

Equally extravagant and refined, Pre-Fall’16 perfectly embodies wearable opulence.