Kym Ellery is a designer and creative director who believes that art and design are a powerful language.

Renowned as one of Australia's most celebrated fashion designers, she made her mark in 2015 by joining the esteemed French fashion community in Paris. In 2023, Kym redirected her creative focus towards crafting collectible designs, marking her debut with the creation of 'The Moulin Lamp.'

With a career spanning over two decades in the fashion industry, Kym has held diverse roles encompassing publishing, art direction, and photography. However, she is best known as the founder and creative force behind ELLERY, a luxury women's brand acclaimed on the international stage.

Kym's invaluable expertise and unique vision have not only defined her distinctive aesthetic in fashion but also now expand into the realm of collectible objects. Her steadfast dedication to innovation consistently pushes the boundaries of artistic expression, evolving with each endeavor.