As artisans of the avant-garde, ATELIER ELLERY emerges to create rare pieces of collectible design, furniture, and objet d'art. Each crafted piece quietly reflects a journey of growth, stemming from the foundational design principles instilled by Kym Ellery for her revered brand, ELLERY.

Having been drawn to architecture since a young age, designer Kym Ellery's creative trajectory led her to transition into the realm of couture, only to return and focus on her first loves: art, sculpture, and object design.

Her artistic journey finds particular resonance in the bespoke realm of collectible design, with each creation bearing the imprint of Ellery's discerning eye.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of her fashion archives, ATELIER ELLERY breathes fresh vitality into these time-honored aesthetics, repurposing them to offer an unexpected synthesis of sculptural form and function.

At the heart of ATELIER ELLERY's endeavor lies a modest aspiration: the crafting of refined pieces, each exuding a quiet charm whilst also possessing a unique identity.